Pop Culture is Everywhere! is an interactive Popular Culture learning guide for learners on the autism spectrum and with language delays or impairments. Target audience is Ages  11+, Grade level 4+, Reading level/Comprehension of spoken language: 1st grade. Each Lesson running time is 30-40 minutes and for Individual or small group instruction.

Lesson Notes:
Items address cultural and linguistic competencies for learners with language delays or impairments. Lesson also addresses Arts and Humanities Curriculum Area of Ky Common Core:
Grade 4 Skills and Concepts Music
Students will
· recognize and identify elements of music (rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, form, timbre,
dynamics) using musical terminology
· use the elements of music while performing, singing, playing instruments, moving, listening,
reading music, writing music and creating music independently and with others
· listen to and explore how changing different elements results in different musical effects
· recognize, describe and compare various styles of music (spirituals, game songs, folk songs,
work songs, lullabies, patriotic, bluegrass)
Accessed 1-15-2015

Questions and comments about POP CULTURE IS EVERYWHERE can be sent to John King at louisvilleisforlovers@gmail.com

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